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Mar 06
Is Texas Getting Serious About Poker?

Though any gambling expansion proposal in Texas faces very long odds, some lawmakers there are trying to continue the fight to bring poker to the Lone Star State. Since Texas has limited gambling — compared to some states — a venture into the online poker realm seems farfetched. However, a pair of similar measures filed […]

Mar 02
Interview With Frank “The Trappa” Saulle On fifth Street Radio

Mark Hoke, host of Fifth Street Radio recently sat down with professional high stakes poker player Frank “The Trappa” Saulle to discuss a little poker. On top of that, Hoke wanted to find out how he balances poker with everyday life, and of course, who his celebrity crush is. Mark: With us is Frank “The […]

Oct 06
Free Poker Blind Timer + Chip Calculator = PokerDIY Tourney Manager

Have you tried our free poker blind timer yet? Here are 3 good reasons to try it: Runs offline (Windows or Mac) on any computer in fullscreen SIMPLE and looks good (very customizable!) Free It’s so easy to resize the timer or change the colors to match your game – check it out:   Some […]

Sep 15
New version of our free poker clock lets you completely change the layout

The latest live version of PokerDIY Tourney Manager allows even more flexibility – you can now resize anything on the timer screen and change the color and sizes of borders! It’s easiest to demonstrate with some screenshots: Default blind timer screen: Maybe this suits your style a little more?        How about if […]

  • Online Poker
Sep 10
PokerDIY Tourney Manager – new version allows resizing/customizing layout of timer screen

Technorati Tags: poker blind timer,blinds clock The latest version of our free poker blind timer software now leys you move and resize the info boxes on the timer screen so it’s even more customisable! Here are some screenshots to show what is possible:      New features: Drag and move the boxes around as you […]

Jul 01
Calculate starting poker chips with our free poker chip calculator

Check out the new Poker Chip Calculator – great for managing your home poker tourneys and working out starting poker chip distributions! It’s free to use and free to download and install on your own computer – you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to use it from home – just start […]

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Jun 02
Unique email address required for each player

As of today, PokerDIY will now require a unique email address per user. It was originally an oversight that allowed users to share email addresses with different usernames – it is standard practise on most websites and social networks to have one email per user. We made the change to allow us to communicate with […]

Jan 26
PokerDIY Upgrade and New Features

We get a lot of feedback that whilst the profiles/groups/events and leagues on PokerDIY are pretty cool, they feel “disconnected” and it’s hard to join things up to be really useful. In February we’ll be rolling out some major changes to the way profiles, events and groups work, along with a lot of little changes all […]

Jan 12
A Self-Policing Poker Community – Right or Wrong?

I received an email today from a concerned poker member that there was a less-than-ethical blog post on PokerDIY about the ability to cheat in online poker and reveal one’s hole cards. It’s a good time to reiterate our disclaimer on blog posts and generate some discussion on this – we (PokerDIY and it’s admins) do […]

Dec 05
PokerDIY PRO – New league features & benefits

You may have noticed the “Go “ labels on the bottom of the banner ads on PokerDIY or in your poker league set up. This post explains what PokerDIY PRO is and how it can benefit you. What is PokerDIY ? PokerDIY PRO is an additional set of features that some players might like for their poker league or PokerDIY profile. Plans […]