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Poker Game Ads FAQs

  • What is the difference between Poker Games and Poker Events?

    There is a slight difference between the two here on PokerDIY. Our Poker Classified ads are really "Poker Games" and our Poker Events are specific poker tourneys that have been scheduled and are awaiting player RSVPs. Poker Games are used to advertise the intent of holding a game or organziing a poker league or tourney.

    For example, if you wanted to hold a weekly live poker tourney in your area and were looking for players you could place an ad. If you had just moved to the area you could place an ad looking for a poker league or live poker tourney.

    You can read more it in the Difference between Poker Games and Poker Events blog post here.

  • How do I post my own poker game ad/listing?

    Posting your own home poker game ad/listing is free, quick and easy. Once you have logged in, go to the Poker Games section and click on the big button on the top right labelled "List your Poker Game".

    Fill in a few details and your ad will be approved shortly for everyone to see.

  • What does it cost to list a poker game? Is it really 100% free?

    Yes. We don't charge for ad listings at all. You can list your poker game or post a "Wanted" type ad and it won't cost you a cent. It's in our best interests to connect you with other poker players you see.

  • What kind of ads can I post?

    Anything to do with poker. If you run a home poker game and need new players or if you have a charity poker event coming up you can advertise for free in our Poker Games section. If you are new to the area you could also post a "Wanted-Poker Game in XYZ" type ad. If you have a poker service or some poker equipment for sale feel free to list it.

    Ads for mobile phones, nokias and viagra will not be approved. You know who you are!

  • What is the "Poker Games" section on PokerDIY? Is it like Classified Ads?

    Yes, think of our "Poker Games" section on PokerDIY as a Classified Ads section for local poker games and other poker stuff.

    You can browse local home poker games by area or list your own home poker tourney so that others can see it. Poker players can respond to your ad or you can contact existing Poker Game ads to arrange a game.

    For example, instead of posting your ad for a local poker game on Craigslist or GumTree, we think it makes more sense to post it in a poker-playing community like PokerDIY. You will get many more responses to your ad.

    Likewise, if you are looking for local poker games in your area this is the place to find it!

  • How do I reply to an ad or poker game?

    Once you are logged in to PokerDIY it is very simple to reply to any Poker Game ad you find. There are 2 ways to contact someone when you are viewing the Poker Game detail page - the first is via Private Message and the second is via a profile Wall post.

    To send a Private Message you can can click on the "Send Message" button. This will take you to your message center and you can send the ad creator a message that only he/she will see.

    Alternatively you can click on the ad creator's name to view their profile. You can now write a message on their profile Wall but bear in mind all the people who can see their Wall will see this message.

    You will notice in both these cases that you don't need to know their email address and they don't need to know yours - this is the beauty of PokerDIY - it takes out the danger of contacting strangers by acting as the middle-man. Likewise, if you list a Poker Game ad you should not put your contact details in. Interested parties can contact you in one of the methods described above.

  • What kind of info should I put in my Poker Game ad?

    This is up to you, but bear in mind that the more descriptive you make your ad the more likely you are to get the right people contacting you about it.

    The most important information is your location (e.g. city and country) if you are advertising for a home poker game. This helps people find you correctly.

    The rest of your ad depends on you - how many people normally play? What ages are you looking for (if this is important). What are the skill levels etc.

    You should not put in your contact information - interested parties can contact you via PokerDIY. Our editors will remove this from your ad for your own safety during the approval process.

  • Can I find and post home poker games on my mobile/iPhone?

    Not at the moment but this is something we are working on! Please be patient and check back shortly...

    There are lots of other things that you CAN do on your phone with PokerDIY Mobile - have a read of our mobile/iPhone FAQs to find out more!

  • What is the best way of publicizing/letting people know about a game I am hosting?

    There are a number of ways to publicize your poker game on PokerDIY. It's best to use as many as you can to ensure the right people see your game and can respond in time. Try all/any of these:

    All of the above options will work - remember to be as descriptive as possible when listing a poker game or event. PokerDIY and Google get on well so in a few days if people are searching are your location it should come up in Google too!

    A lot of people subscribe to our RSS Feeds so they get notified when new content (i.e. your game) is published. All of this is free of course...

  • How can I delete/remove my poker game ad?
    Go to your profile -> Game Ads and click on the poker game ad that you want to remove. This will take you to the Edit screen. At the bottom of the form you can un-check the "Published" checkbox to remove the game from public view. No one will be able to see it now and you can edit it in draft mode or leave it unpublished.
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