PokerDIY PRO – New league features & benefits

You may have noticed the “Go Player Pro“ labels on the bottom of the banner ads on PokerDIY or in your poker league set up. This post explains what PokerDIY PRO is and how it can benefit you.

What is PokerDIY Player Pro?

PokerDIY PRO is an additional set of features that some players might like for their poker league or PokerDIY profile. Plans start from as little as $1 per month and offer benefits like NO advertisments (we know there are a lot of banners on PokerDIY, but we need them in order to be able to stay free) and advanced league customisations and features.

For example – we have some cool new features planned for poker leagues over the next few months. One of these is advanced customisation (being able to theme/skin your poker league, a bit like your Twitter profile). This will be one of the new League PRO features, amongst others.

You can read more about PokerDIY PRO here and see a more detailed comparison chart of features.

So I can still use PokerDIY for free?

Of course! PokerDIY will always be free. You will be able to start and manage your home poker league, find home poker games, blog about poker and all the other things you have always done on PokerDIY. You can read more about the Forever Free plan here.

We are just going to add a couple of really cool features that some people think are worth paying for. No hard feelings if you do not – please continue to use PokerDIY for free!

Can I try PokerDIY PRO first?

Yes, we’ll happily give you a free 1 month testdrive of PokerDIY PRO to see if you like it. Just contact us and let us know and we’ll upgrade your profile.

PokerDIY Donations

If you have ever wanted to thank or donate to PokerDIY you can now do so in the form of a PokerDIY PRO upgrade. Much appreciated!


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