Unique email address required for each player

As of today, PokerDIY will now require a unique email address per user. It was originally an oversight that allowed users to share email addresses with different usernames – it is standard practise on most websites and social networks to have one email per user.

We made the change to allow us to communicate with each player better – for example, when sending out league scoreboard reports. It also cuts down on spam bot user accounts who join with the same email and make a whole lot of bogus accounts.

There were a couple of users sharing the same email (for legitimate reasons, usual for convenience)  – we had to make some changes to these email addresses. The user who first signed up to PokerDIY will keep the original email. Any other account who had a duplicate email will have to change their email and re-verify their account on the next log in. This only affects 1% of the players on PokerDIY and even then you do not have to do anything – just follow the prompts when you log in.

If you have forgotten your username or email don’t forget you can request a Forgotten Password and enter either one. If you were using a duplicate email and you are not able to log in please contact us and we’ll sort it out for you (you won’t be able to do a Forgotten Password in this case as your email address will have changed).

If you do not have your own email address it is very simple to set up a free one with Google, Hotmail or Yahoo. You can then recieve your own PokerDIY scoreboard reports and notifications.

As usual, contact us if you have any queries or problems!


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