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FAQs for the online PokerDIY League scoreboards. Contact us if you don't get your answer

Poker Leagues FAQs

  • What is a poker league anyway?

    A poker league is a group of poker players who play a series of games over a period of time (lets call it a "season"). For example, here is a home poker league based in London.

    PokerDIY makes poker league management really easy for both the league host and the poker players in it. You can schedule poker games, record the scores and organize your league for free right here!

  • Can I see a poker league in action?

    Yes, we have set up several poker leagues to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the software. Here are some examples:

    Note the different scoreboard layout and ranking per season (this is up to the league owner).

    If you are looking for live poker leagues, here are two of the biggest poker leagues on PokerDIY involving real people and real games! This is serious stuff!

    Here is the the poker players stats page for a real user. You can have this for your profile too..

  • Can I import my tourney results from software like The Tournament Director?

    Yes! Typing in the tourney results after each game is such pain. PokerDIY integrates with all the top poker league management desktop software:

    • The Tournament Director
    • Simple Tourney Manager
    • Dr Neau
    • Other? (Contact us if you have poker league management software!)

    Do you use something else to record your scores? Let us know and we'll see if we can import the results into PokerDIY to make it easier for you!

    You can read more about how to import your poker league results here.

  • I run my own website but want to show my PokerDIY poker league on it!

    You can do this using our Poker Widgets. Check out the poker widgets page and see the FAQ on how to grab your poker league from here and insert it on your own webpage, Facebook profile or blog.

  • What is the Total Cost on the scoreboard?

    Total Cost is the sum of the Buy In + Rebuys + Addons (if any).

    So if your game Buy In was $20 and you had no Rebuys or Addons it would be $20.

    If your Buy In was $20 and you had 2 Rebuys at $10 each and 1 Addon at $10 it, your Total Cost would be $50.

  • What can I do with my free poker league on PokerDIY?

    While setting up your own free poker league on PokerDIY you can:

    • Upload your custom poker league logo and brand your page how you like
    • Decide if you want a Public or Private League which only league members can see
    • Decide on the scoring structure from season to season (Average Points, Total Points, Average Profit, Total Profit or Number of Games)
    • Chose any currency and other defaults for your league
    • Schedule poker games and events for your league and keep track of RSVPs
    • Record your game scores after each game on the league scoreboard
    • Keep track of who is currently winning and past season winners
    • Chat to your league members on the league wall and discuss the league
    • Email the latest scoreboard results to your league members
    • Post ads for poker league players or to find a poker league near you

    and a lot more! If you have not already done so, start a poker league now and have a play around with it!

  • What's the difference between a Public and a Private league?

    Public poker leagues are visible by everyone, including non-site members (To test this, you can log out of PokerDIY and view your league). Private poker leagues can only be seen by league members.

    Most of the time it's ok if your league is public, although you may want to hide it by making it private if you are displaying your address or personal information. Sometimes you don't want any new members and can't be bothered showing it off so you could set it to private.

    Bear in mind that a poker league can be Public and Invite Only. This means that anyone can see it but only the league owner can add them as a member. Non-members can not write on the league wall or do anything with the league.


  • Can I score our poker league on points, cash or averages?

    Yes, there are a number of options you have when it comes to scoring. Each season within your league can be different (it is common to adjust your scoring mechanism) - have a read of these blog posts on the different scoring options:

  • Can other members of my league edit scores and add results?

    Yes, you can promote your poker league members to be League Deputies which gives them the ability to add scores and manage the league. This is useful if you are on holiday or did not play a game and want to delegate some of the work.

    You can read more about League Deputies here.

    League Deputies can do everything the League Owner can do, EXCEPT:

    1. Delete the poker league
    2. Delete other League Deputies
    3. Promote normal poker league members to League Deputies.

    It is very important that you trust the members who you promote to League Deputies as they could potentially cheat or maliciously damage your league. Choose carefully...

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