Interview With Frank “The Trappa” Saulle On fifth Street Radio

Mark Hoke, host of Fifth Street Radio recently sat down with professional high stakes poker player Frank “The Trappa” Saulle to discuss a little poker. On top of that, Hoke wanted to find out how he balances poker with everyday life, and of course, who his celebrity crush is.

Mark: With us is Frank “The Trappa” Saulle, if im saying it right! This is a remarkable story. Frank is a successful high stakes cash game poker player from Brooklyn, New York. who now lives in Las Vegas. Frank Saulle started his poker career when he was 32 years old after a serious lower back injury. He is a former truck driver from a construction firm in New York that became homeless.

Mark: Hey Trappa! How's it going? Catch us up on what has been going on in poker and your life these days.

Trappa: Well, high stakes action has died down a bit this year in comparison to the last few yews in particular. But I can't really complain!

Mark: Tell us how you first got into poker, where it all began, and how you moved up so quickly? It's a remarkable story because you were a truck driver from Brooklyn, New York and you broke your back. Please tell us about that? Oh and congrats on your new born child!

Trappa: Thank you Mark, her name is MIA! I am so blessed to be a father at this stage of my life and I hope Mia follows in my footsteps. As for now I will be taking a break from poker to raise my new born child and to be the best father I can be!
I was Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I started my poker career when I was 32 years old after a serious lower back injury. I was a former truck driver for a construction firm in New York and with no insurance and no benefits, I learned poker from friends. I started hanging out at the Mayfair Club in Manhattan, I watched and learned that I realized I was a really good reader and there was so much money to be made!

Mark: Tell us how you obtained the name, “The Trappa”?

Trappa: I got the name at the Mayfair Club from my style of play.

Mark: Frank, you went from being homeless to a successful high stakes cash game poker player.

Trappa: Yes!

Mark: That's just remarkable! Can you tell us how you did that?

Trappa: Well Mark it was not easy, I built my bankroll with twenty dollars playing with friends.

Mark: With twenty dollars? If you have any advice for our listeners what would it be?

Trappa: Start low like one Penney two Penney, playing with friends, and move on up with that.

Interview continues……


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