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Nov 01
The Truth about Online Poker and Poker Sites

Everyone who plays online poker should read this!  I take the four biggest lines of bull that poker sites try to feed you and expose them. Truth #1:        Everyone Has the Same Deals.  This is really the most obvious truth.  Just spend a few minutes looking around the web you will confirm this!  Use a […]

Apr 09
1 Day Sit and Go Challenge Success

Well guys, I did it. Approximately 3000 hands and 40 STT’s with a profit YEAH BABY. I played a pretty tight agressive game with VPIP/PFR of 26/22 and a 3 bet of 6.9 with an agression factor of 3.1 It took close to 6 hours to complete in real time. My first set were combined […]

Nov 12
Poker propping – forget about the plain-old 30% rakeback deals!

No successful poker player plays without a rakeback deal. Bla…bla and yadda…yadda. We all know that story inside out. Hell, I preach that story myself most of the time, been doing it for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you poker rakeback is bad for you. On contraire. What I’m […]

May 01
Full Tilt Poker Rakeback Review

Rakeback Review for Full Tilt Poker Here’s a quick review of the highest rakeback and biggest bonus offers at Full Tilt Poker. For anyone unfamiliar with rakeback, it’s money that the poker room pays you back for using their site. It is FREE MONEY, however you don’t get it directly through the site. You need […]

Mar 13
Maximize your rakeback with added free money.

In this post we’re going to look at maximizing your bankroll with the best poker rakeback available.    Most players know rakeback is the best way to add money to your bankroll with no risk.  But by searching out the best rakeback deals available you can add even more money to your account.  If you don’t […]

Mar 07
Bigger And Better Rake Races!

Using rakeback as a tool to increase your earnings is essential for online poker players. Rake Races are an additional bonus for grinders to beef up their profits. In the month of March we have some of our biggest Rake Races to date. Over $340,000 is up for grabs across all the major poker rooms […]

Jan 13
Dealt Rakeback Method

Just about every major poker room/network offers their players rakeback. Something a lot of people do not realize is that there are different methods by which these rooms payout rake. The dealt method is probably the best one available for tight grinders. The dealt method means what it says. If you are dealt into a […]

Jan 12
Rakeback review for Doyles Room

Rakeback review for Doyles Room Rakeback review for

Jan 07
Rake Repair Freerolls! (Cake and Cereus)

Freerolls provide you a FREE entry into a poker tournament with thousands of dollars on the line. To qualify for a freeroll you need play only 1 raked hand at a participating site with a valid Rake Repair account. All those who qualify will recieve email notification including the date and time of the freeroll. […]

Jan 06
Finding Your Game

If you are like me you enjoy playing several different forms of poker. I started out playing No Limit Hold Em but soon became fascinated with all the games and spent a lot of time dabbling in all of them. I primarily play all the HORSE games both in rotation and alone as well as […]