Poker propping – forget about the plain-old 30% rakeback deals!

No successful poker player plays without a rakeback deal. Bla…bla and yadda…yadda. We all know that story inside out. Hell, I preach that story myself most of the time, been doing it for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to tell you poker rakeback is bad for you. On contraire. What I’m telling you is that it just ain’t enough! 30% rake rebate? Get outta here! If you’re really serious about the game and you truly have your mind set on turning a profit at the green felt, whatever it takes, the 30-40% rakeback most rakeback sites offer you are nothing but a sad joke. One with a lousy aftertaste too.

What I’m talking about here is rakeback that exceeds 100%. That’s right. Poker prop deals allow you to play rake free and some of them (had one a while ago that gave players 135%) pay you to play. Surely, the deal sounds too good to be true, there’s got to be a catch. Right again. There is one. As a poker prop, you basically become the hired hand of the poker room, and as such, you’re required to give up some of the freedoms you’ve grown to take for granted at the green felt.
In exchange for the exuberant rakeback percentage you receive, you will be required to start up new tables whenever possible. Some prop sites will forbid you from joining tables that are already full, or which only have a free seat. You may also be forbidden from playing certain limits. After all, your role as a poker prop will be to generate action where there’s a shortage of it. Where there’s already plenty going on, your presence is – mildly put – not required.
There are other such restrictions tying poker props too, but if you chose a prestigious site like to sign up, you’ll be filled in on every tiny detail before you commit.

If you feel you want to know even more about the setup, don’t be afraid to check out a poker forum or two. The community will surely fill you in on what you want to know, although be warned: this whole prop thing is something that those who are in it don’t really like to talk about. As a matter of fact, some of the sites which hire props, forbid them to talk to other players about their special status. It’s a whole different view once you’re on the inside looking out anyway. You’ll see…


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    Propping is what makes me a big winner. Most people say that propping can be a drag due to game selection and seating rule. But if you can find the right site to prop at it can be very lucrative

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