1 Day Sit and Go Challenge Success

Well guys, I did it. Approximately 3000 hands and 40 STT’s with a profit YEAH BABY. I played a pretty tight agressive game with VPIP/PFR of 26/22 and a 3 bet of 6.9 with an agression factor of 3.1

It took close to 6 hours to complete in real time. My first set were combined 14 tournaments with ITM 4X. The second set of 8 tournies had ITM 3X, but the third set had ITM for 5X and the last set ITM was 4X.

So I was down the first 22 tournaments and had a nice come back. Now I know I can play atleast 40 sit and go’s in one day. Heck I think I am gonna up that number. Maybe I will do increments of 10 adding on to get to 75-80 tournaments in a day. Cya


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