Maximize your rakeback with added free money.

In this post we’re going to look at maximizing your bankroll with the best poker rakeback available.    Most players know rakeback is the best way to add money to your bankroll with no risk.  But by searching out the best rakeback deals available you can add even more money to your account.  If you don’t know what rakeback is,  check out this link for a better explination. 

Lets compare two poker rooms and the vast difference in money you can earn.   Poker Stars does not offer traditional rakeback, but instead allows you to exchange Frequent Player Points (FPPs) in for cash bonuses.

You first have to earn the points,  then “buy” the bonus,  then clear a certain amount of FPPs again to earn the cash.   This form of rakeback forces you to play a certain amount of hands with no gaurantee that you’ll even make a bonus in return.  If you fail to play the required amount, the bonus is lost as well as the FPPs you spent to earn it.

Now lets look at  .  This room is on the Cake Network, and offers 33% rakeback on all of your play.   If you play 1 hand or 10,000, you’ll get paid what is owed to you.   You don’t have to spend any accrued FPPs to get the rakeback,  it is just paid directly into your account every week.  This is truely FREE money.  

Add onto that the $10,000 rake race offered there every month on .  Now you can earn $50 to $1250 extra if  you place in the top 35 each month.   Again this is free money that you don’t have to spend anything to get.  

If you make a deposit you can earn up to $600 extra in bonuses.   AND with their industry best  Gold Stacks rewards program,  you can earn even more free cash, just by playing.   At the end of the day you can earn free money multiple ways on every hand you play.   Your FPP’s are yours to keep and you can use those in the Player Rewards Store to get even more free toys!

Each hand or tournament you play allows you to:

-Earn free money with 33% rakeback

-Earn free money with deposit and reload bonuses

-Earn free money in the Gold Stack promotion

-Earn free stuff in the Player Rewards Store

-Earn free money by referring your friends through

So when you’re looking for the best poker rakeback deals,   look beyond the standard rakeback payment and invesitgate the multiple ways to get money free on every hand you play at the tables.   It will boost your bankroll with no added risk to your game.


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