Just about every major poker room/network offers their players rakeback. Something a lot of people do not realize is that there are different methods by which these rooms payout rake.

The dealt method is probably the best one available for tight grinders. The dealt method means what it says. If you are dealt into a hand you are earning rakeback! You do not have to contribute any money to the pot.

The Cake Network and Full Tilt Poker are two major rooms that offer this rakeback method. These rooms also have very large player bases with plenty of action.

Other rooms on the Cake Network include: Players Only, Red Star Poker, Power Poker, Doyles Room, and Gutshot Poker

Red Star Poker also offers a $23,000 Rake Chase to Rake Repair members which can be a nice bonus.

Picking your room on the Cake Network carefully is important since you are only allowed one rakeback account on the network.

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