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Jul 04
I Don’t Care for Poker Celebrites

I Don’t Care for Poker CelebritesBy bluegarage So you ask, bluegarage, why do you not like poker celebs? Well its not that I don’t like them, I don’t respect them. At least in regard to there play in big tournaments. This is because the game is just too easy for them. Unlike in sports where […]

Jan 18
Poker en Mexico

Hola, mi nombre es Sofia.Estoy buscando juegos de poker en la ciudad de Mexico, de preferencia en el norte de la ciudad!! Si te interesa checa mi profile y contactate conmigo, ya sea para organizar algun juego o si me puedo integrar a tu juego.

Nov 30
Hello DIY Blog

First post in new blog. I am an experienced Poker Player (both Online and Live) who also dabbles in Stock Investments and Currency Trades. I will be discussing poker news, poker characters I have come across, my poker experiences and also point out special poker events. I have played poker for 20 years. I currently […]

Oct 26
Thank You All

Hey everybody, I appreciated all the thanks and congrats I re’cd….u all are a wonderful community. Life changes and I now have to move on so to speak. I start a new job (my first in like 4 yrs, guess I have been really lucky) tomorrow. So no more 5,000 hands a day, no more […]

Oct 23
OMG…I Hit The Progressive Jackpot

Well. Finally I hit it pretty big. I learned how to play Pai Gow poker last week while having dinner at the M casino. While there, I started playing PG poker, they told me that the silverton had a super bonus and it was only a 5.00 table (most or 10.00 tables) Last nite the […]

Oct 15
SSSHHH I have a Mistress….Her name is

Variance. She has been with me for many years now. She can be extremely wishy washy, and very scary at times. I usually find her in one of 3 moods. When she is happy, loving, and caring…she smiles upon me and I tend to be a winner at the tables. Then there are those times […]

Oct 13
An Agressive Bankroll Management Growth System

Say I am crazy……maybe? So this is an experiment that I will blog every day about. So after much thought and reading a bunch of material on Double or Nothings I came up with an idea. This, after my failure to move up in levels. If you can improve, or refute my system please do. […]

Oct 12
Moving Up in Levels then Back Down Again

Damnit, never fails, every single time I move up in levels whether it be cash games or sit and go’s I get burned. I was pretty smart yesterday and in playing both the tens and fives. check this out. I won 76% ITM for over $46.00 profit in the fives, and lost $56.00 playing the […]

Oct 10
Playing AK In The Early Stages Of A Sit And Go

So I got over 500 sit and go’s in about 2 weeks and doing pretty well. I get alittle frustrated playing AK early on in the tourney. Sometimes it seems like a waste of money. You raise preflop, miss and cbet and get called. This can be eating into around 30% of your chips. So […]

Oct 07
Help….Bankroll Management system for Sit N Go’s

Okay, I currently excell at the following $5 sit and go’s. 162 games of $5. 18 man tournies is +$117.00 55 games of $5.00 27 man tournies is +$77.50 so I started to gradually play the 10.00 games and this is what I have. 69 games of $10.00 18 man tournies is +$123.00 (notice no […]