SSSHHH I have a Mistress….Her name is

Variance. She has been with me for many years now. She can be extremely wishy washy, and very scary at times. I usually find her in one of 3 moods.

When she is happy, loving, and caring…she smiles upon me and I tend to be a winner at the tables. Then there are those times where she’s not really angry but not happy either. I think she’s on her period during these times and I tend to be breakeven at the tables.

But look out when she is angry, hurtful, and mean….you know what happens then. You lose, and you lose big, she makes sure of that.

Its a real love hate relationship that you cant get away from. So understand her, know her moods and act accordingly. Thats the best advice I can give. Tomorrow I will explain how her moods have affected me in the last 3 weeks. cya


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