First post in new blog. I am an experienced Poker Player (both Online and Live) who also dabbles in Stock Investments and Currency Trades. I will be discussing poker news, poker characters I have come across, my poker experiences and also point out special poker events.

I have played poker for 20 years. I currently play online and I travel to different Casinos around the US and spend a few weeks or months at a time playing cards and taking in the local culture. Online I mostly play No Limit Tournaments, while Live I mostly play Limit Holdem from 3/6 to 40/80. I have experience in all games and will play anything except straight 7 Card Stud.

I also have developed a Website that discuses many facets of both online and live poker. WECpoker It features each months Online Poker Specials and Events, lists recommended poker sites, and offers a comprehensive poker resource for just about anything you need to find of interest in poker.


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