Well. Finally I hit it pretty big. I learned how to play Pai Gow poker last week while having dinner at the M casino. While there, I started playing PG poker, they told me that the silverton had a super bonus and it was only a 5.00 table (most or 10.00 tables)

Last nite the wife comes home and goes she feels lucky and can we go to the south pointe. I said no I was not interested (she loves the slots and I get bored waiting for her). I then said, I will drop u off and I will go to the silverton and play pai gow poker, she says, okay, I will go with u to the silverton and forget about the south pointe.

After one hour at the table, (i started with 100.00) I was down and had not hit a hand I changed seats. I started to hit a few hands like some straights, and flushes, and a bunch of two pairs.

Then it happened. I looked at the first 3 cards, they were 2, 3, 4 of clubs. Next card 5c, Oh shit, I said look guys one card to the straight flush, then the 6c, all of sudden I peek at the next card and its the joker, OMG……6 card flush, last card was the 8c….I hit the jackpot being a 7 card straight flush.

46,112.04 CASH………Thank you very much, cya


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