An Agressive Bankroll Management Growth System

Say I am crazy……maybe? So this is an experiment that I will blog every day about. So after much thought and reading a bunch of material on Double or Nothings I came up with an idea. This, after my failure to move up in levels. If you can improve, or refute my system please do.

BR $500.00 (could be $300…whatever)

start with the $5.00 ( I play regular, not turbo) and play till you win 20 buy ins so you can play the 10.00 tables (if you can’t win and lose all your money you shouldnt be playing). So now your br is 600.00…..500+100

Start at the 10.00 and the goal is again to win 20 buy ins. if you lose 5 buy ins move back down to the $5.00 tables where you now just lost 1/2 your winnings (50 dollars) and start over. Not sure if we play the 5’s for another 20 buy ins or just replace the 10 lost ones? ( Your input is needed and this will applyl to the 20.00 tables too). Now your br is 800….600.00+200

start at the 20.00 and rinse and repeat, win 20 buy ins and quit with 700.00 or u lose 5 buy ins and back to the 10.00 tables and repeat .

I wanna multi table and be smart but the amount of tables. I will not lose more than 5 buy ins (this equates to 10 of the 20 previous buy ins I just won to move up according to the system. I’ll just play 5 tables. Depending on the win ratio I will always play the max tables based on the system not loosing more than 5 buy ins

This system started yesterday for me cause I won yesterday and lost today so I think thats a good starting point. I actually played over 40 games sunday, but that was partially 10.00 tables so count 30 to 60 games a day. Here is my current status for the goal of winning 20- buy ins at the 5.00 Dons…steps to 700.00

1) Sunday- 21 games +46.20 (8 buy ins)

2) Monday 38 games -45.40….running total (ZERO) Had alot of trouble on the bubble, its been one of those kinda days, and spent alot time studying and have to go to my poker meeting. cya


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    [email protected]
    January 14, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    I’m running a similar challenge building a bankroll with DoN SnGs and tracking my progress on my blog.

    Haven’t seen any updates on this in a while so wondering how you’re doing. Good luck!

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    [email protected]
    November 1, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    I have a similar system. I find that with the double or nothings you have to narow down the time of day you win most often. I find play during the week around early evening I lose more often to crazy plays. Just a thought.

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