Playing AK In The Early Stages Of A Sit And Go

So I got over 500 sit and go’s in about 2 weeks and doing pretty well. I get alittle frustrated playing AK early on in the tourney. Sometimes it seems like a waste of money. You raise preflop, miss and cbet and get called. This can be eating into around 30% of your chips. So what if we play it based on position, and the number of callers. I need to ask is there anyone ever limping with AK to save money? Are you ever stacking off with AK preflop? Are u folding to a reraise?………….some examples

UTG+2 blinds are 15/30 and u open up for 90.00 and get 2 or more callers and miss the flop we are done, no Cbet?

In the Cutoff, 4 limpers in front, you raise 120/150 and 3 callers and you miss the flop and we are done, no Cbet?

Now change the above to one caller and we cbet 100% and put no more $ in if we are called?

So does this sound like a good strategy for AK?


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