Category: Scoreboard Update

Jan 13
Sofia wins the Sydney Home Poker League 2009

And so ends another poker season at the Sydney Home Poker League in Manly… Sofia was unstoppable as league leader the whole second season (we broke the season up into a first half and a 2nd half) with new player Johnny Utah coming in second. Sandy Beaches came third but don’t feel sorry for him […]

Jul 16
Home Poker Games Scores and Personal Player Stats

The poker player scores and statistics view has been enhanced quite a bit in the last couple of months. Lets have a look at this poker player’s profile stats to see the new improvements (it’s the live stats our own Sydney Poker League). On the top left we have a summary of this players current […]

Jul 01
Last seasons results, the new season scoring method and the Jackpot

Congrats to Olly for winning the first poker season of 2009(Jan -> June)! Jason came 2nd and Jeff managed to hold Davy off for 3rd place. The new poker season started yesterday (July -> December) with a strong start from Jeff, Rod and Olly. Lee seems to have lost his mojo, maybe it goes with […]

Apr 11
Australian Poker League (APS) Update

Q) What do these cards have in common: AK Suited QQQ A8 AK J8 suited flush Full house A) These are the last 6 hands (in 6 games) that I have had in poker and have been knocked out (No limit of course) by AK Suited   -> Beaten by 6 8 off suite that linked up a […]

Jan 23
Sydney Poker League – Bigger than the Aussie Millions!

Last night’s game was the biggest poker tourney we have ever played in the short history of the Sydney Poker League! We had 11 players slogging it out for the grand prize but it was new kid on the block George  who blasted his way to a concvincing win and 3rd place. Hopefully he and […]

Jan 08
Sydney Poker League – First game of 2009

Last night marked the start of the 2009 season of the Sydney Poker League! Morgs quickly established the fine form he did not show at all in 2008 and blasted his way to 2 firsts, a second and a third, earning him 19 points and top spot on the new league table. If he were […]

Jan 08
Australian Poker League – 2008 Results

It took me a while to write this report on the 2008 Australian Poker League Results! I was procrastinating after the devastating defeat I suffered at the hands of local poker champ Jeff Rourke. It turns out that Jeff is a regular at a poker tourney in Sydney city – he’s even scopped the grand […]

Dec 05
QC Poker Scoreboard Update – NOT the Crown Aussie Millions

Lee and Benny have moved out of Manly (barely) to Queenscliff (hide your daughters). Thanks to the lads for the BBQ – you’ve got a cool place new gaf there! Man of the match was Rodders who won 3 out of the 4 games. He also set 2 new records – the first one being […]

Nov 29
Australian Poker League Leaderboard Update

Ok, so it’s not the Australian Poker League exactly, more like the Manly Boys Poker League in Sydney, but whatever…. Lee won a couple of games and Jeff overtook Rod on the poker league scoreboard (average winnings). We played until the wee hours 2.45am but it was good fun. Thanks to Sandy for the booze […]

Nov 14
Sydney Poker League Leaderboard Update – Thurs 13th Nov

4 Games were played last night with 4 different winners. Rod won the first poker game in true Joyce style and vowed that if he won the next 3 he would buy the new Chilli surfboard he had his eye one. He lost the next 3. The 4 games that were played: 1st $20 Game […]