The poker player scores and statistics view has been enhanced quite a bit in the last couple of months. Lets have a look at this poker player’s profile stats to see the new improvements (it’s the live stats our own Sydney Poker League).

On the top left we have a summary of this players current league position and winnings. You can see how many first places they have won over the season and some other stats.

Poker Player Stats Summary


The Winnings and Averages section shows their points/profit gains, ROI and how many times they have been knocked out and knocked others out. For an explanation of the fields have a read of the Player Stats FAQ.

Poker Stats - Winnings and Averages


On the right we have the games that this player has played over the course of this season. This is useful for checking your figures and seeing your performance over time (stay tuned for the performance graphs that are coming soon!)

Games Played over Season


The Hitman Report shows the other active league players for this season and how many times you have knocked them out and how many times they have knocked you out.

Hitman Report


We have a lot of cools things planned for this page to help you chart your performance over time. For example, it would be cool to see how you are doing compared to the last season, or a graph of your wins over time. Lets us know what you want to see!

Of course, you can see your poker stats on your mobile/iPhone with PokerDIY mobile. You can also put your stats on your own website or blog with our poker widgets.

Please see our Player Stats Frequently Asked Questions if you need help.


  • Where-ever you see this symbol Poker Player Stats on PokerDIY you can click through to see their player stats.
  • Player stats are for a user by season. If you do not specify a season they will show the last poker league you played in or the current season.
  • If you are a member of more than one poker league you can set your default one on the league page


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