Australian Poker League – 2008 Results

It took me a while to write this report on the 2008 Australian Poker League Results! I was procrastinating after the devastating defeat I suffered at the hands of local poker champ Jeff Rourke. It turns out that Jeff is a regular at a poker tourney in Sydney city – he’s even scopped the grand prize once or twice…

Firstly… the results: Well done Jeff – you are firmly in position number 1! I managed a respectable 2nd with local boy Olly moving up the charts in the last game to steal 3rd ahead of Chris! Special mention must go to Sandy who came last (but played a BLINDING game) and to Lee (who managed to lose the most amount of money without coming last).

You can see the 2008 Poker Leaderboard here. You have to have played at least 20 games and it’s sorted on average winnings (AUD).

2008 was a great year for poker! We saw Lee and Benny fighting it out near the other end of the league (both improved their game significantly, I look forward to the 2009 results!) although unfortunately Benny leaves us for the quiet shores of Perth (be sure to use PokerDIY to find some home poker games in Perth Benny!).

We had a lot of new players this year – mainly visitors from London or South African who wanted a punt – some were successful, some not… we also have some great new regulars at our home games – Sandy, Jason, Morgs etc. Glad to have your money, I mean have you onboard!

Another mention should go to the girls! While it is a well-known fact that girls can’t (and shouldn’t?) play poker, Lia and Lindsay were right up there with the big boys! In fact, if you sort the scoreboard on 2 games instead of 20 (the little icon on the top right of the scoreboard) a completely different picture emerges. This is why we have the game filter you see.

Other memorable moments include the game where Lyndoze played blind and won big, and then the other one where Lyndoz played blind again and lost bigger.

Many thanks to Rodney for his relentless hard work on PokerDIY and these infernal reports, despite the fact that only 1 or 2 people (including me) ever actually log on to PokerDIY and update their damn profile. Thanks again to Rodney for uploading the scores each game and tirelessly providing chips and Rodamole each game (until he stopped doing this).

Right… onwards and upwards – the 2009 Scoreboard is now live and the first poker tourney is tonight! We have switched to Average Points instead of winnings to take the emphasis off how much money Jeff really is making off his mates. Points will be assigned as per the new season rules (read it fuhl).

Who will be the 2009 champion?! (clue – it starts with an “R” and ends with “odney”). No, it’s not really Year of the Lee…



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