QC Poker Scoreboard Update – NOT the Crown Aussie Millions

Lee and Benny have moved out of Manly (barely) to Queenscliff (hide your daughters). Thanks to the lads for the BBQ – you’ve got a cool place new gaf there!

Man of the match was Rodders who won 3 out of the 4 games. He also set 2 new records – the first one being hitman in an 8 player game on all other players, and the 2nd knocking all 3 other players at once in the last game (4 players in total) on a single hand. It was however very jammy (he had the 9 and the straight came up in the middle ending on 8).  Louise had a bad run having her 2 Queens and her hopes of victory dashed by a jammy flush on the river for Rod (luck of the Oirish). Speaking of which, Jeff is still top of the leaderboard… get him boys!

Here are the poker games we played:

Game Date Location Buy In Players More

$10 Game 1 – Rod Rocks the New Gaf

December 04 Lee & Ben’s Pad $10.00 8

$20 Game 1 – Jeff Rocks the New Gaf

December 04 Lee & Ben’s Pad $20.00 5

$20 Game 2 – Rod holds off Olly

December 04 Lee & Ben’s Pad $20.00 5

$10 Game 2 – Rod does the Hatrick

December 04 Lee & Ben’s Pad $10.00 4

and here is the current league scoreboard.

The Crown Aussie Millions it aint – more like the Crown Queenscliff Hundreds.

See you next Thurs… (we need to nag Rod to have the iphone version of PokerDIY working!)


  • Avatar of rodders
    December 5, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Nice report Dave – are you playing next week? I can’t believe how quickly Lee squandered your cash after you left!

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