Well I finally had a hit to my bankroll yesterday. I have been running pretty good for the last 2 weeks, thought I was impervious to any downswings. That’s a joke, aint it?

Yesterday was a complete gambling disaster (kinda) I lost a sports bet, and then I lost in live omaha play, then to boot I took a 10% hit to my online bankroll. DANG

So its got me thinking. Is my strategy gonna work? was I just hot? Is it just a downswing?

Well it has me relooking at things, How I play, and any changes in the future scheme of things. So, I thought shoving any Ace rag from cutoff/button was doing real fine. Is that a really +EV play…not sure any more. I havent been playing pairs, maybe I should start. It seems every time I limp with them I get raised off my hand preflop, and it s not worth it.

Tell me is it a no no to play AJ, and AQ in Ep (fullring) how tight is a shorty to really be? Whats the reality of Shortstacking.

Pretty messed up what a loosing day did to me. Well I will get better, I will move on and continue winning. Thanks for letting me vent alittle. cya


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