Lets talk about table selection. At first I would search for tables with no more than two other short stackers. Then I started selecting via most % seeing hands, and then biggest pots. Still trying to keep to no more than 2 other shorties. I have noticed that very few shorties are playing my style, though I have noticed a couple, but thats not much considering I am seeing in excess of 3,000 hands a day.

I thought about playing with more shorties based on the probability that they cant play that well. (Thats obvious) The thought is that they too will stack off with lesser hands than I play. For instance, today its folded to SB, I am BB, and the SB limps in front of me, I shove with K8s, he calls with QJo. Is that a pretty crappy call by the SB?

What goes around, comes around. I shove my QQ, then get called by Ace rag and lose. Many hands later I shove the button with Ace rag, get called by QQ and they lose.

You never know what I am shoving with, which is basically dependent on position. The hardest thing for me to do is fold TT, AJ in EP and MP……So hard………That includes all pairs too. I use to limp with those hands and then have to fold to later position raise, so I found it just a waste of money. Any thoughts on my ramblings today would be much appreciated. cya


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