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Jun 21
A Look At The Most Interesting Last WSOP

Uncover the highlights of the last WSOP, including the main event winner, the player of the year, and the Tournament of Champions. Discover the best places to sell action for the WSOP and get ready for the upcoming event in Las Vegas

Aug 05
How Has Poker Benefitted from Moving Online?

Source: Pexels Poker was once a game that people played when they vacationed in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Today, it’s more than a hobby for the 60 million players in the US alone. Around the world, the figure is projected to be bigger with 100 million people enjoying the different editions.   Although poker has […]

Jun 16
Poker Player Loses Over $160K In Winnings After Getting Disqualified From WPT500

A British poker player has gone through the ordeal of having all of his winnings confiscated after coming out on top of the WPT500 at partypoker. David Afework won a whopping $160,210 from the event, besting 2,088 players along the way. However, his celebrations were short-lived as the World Poker Tour informed him of his […]

Dec 01
Tips for Choosing an Online Poker Game

Credit: Choosing the right poker game can be scary for new players. New variations keep cropping up and the rules aren’t always easy to understand. Playing poker online makes the research process easier, though. You can play up to ten poker games within a couple of hours. And you don’t have to create accounts […]

Dec 01
The 3 Biggest Wins in Online Poker Tournaments

Poker tournaments began to take off in the mid-2000s. With the launch of online poker tournaments, people from all walks of lives from across the globe have been able to take part with real-money prizes from the comfort of their own homes whether in New Zealand, China or Bulgaria. The biggest poker tournaments are now […]

Nov 06
This is How You Win a Poker Tournament with 1000 Players

The great thing about tournaments with many players is that the prices are very high. Profits of 1000x buy-ins and more are not uncommon. Reason enough to deal more intensively with a strategy for such tournaments. The goal of a large MTT Contrary to popular belief, it is not every player’s goal to win such […]

Aug 26
How Popular is Online Poker in Norway?

Over 5,000 Norwegians have won money playing poker online since 2010. Felix Stephensen tops the list with an accumulated profit of $5.8 million. Annette Obrestad comes second with $4 million and Thor Hansen third with $3 million. Ola Amundsgaard, who became famous after challenging local legislators to play 10,000 hands of poker in 2011, has […]

May 25
Would Modern Poker Players Easily Brush Aside Professionals From Days Gone By?

The school of thought about how to play poker is constantly evolving, with emphasis often shifting between different priorities. For example, there is now much more focus on the mathematical and analytical side of the game rather than the psychological. Poker has by no means been solved yet, and there are still many ways that […]

Feb 08
Ver el EPT en directo

Ahora puedes ver el EPT en directo, en estos momentos hay acción en vivo en las mesas del campeonati europeo de poker en Deauville. Puedes acceder a la transimisón para ver el EPT Deauville en directo Este epsiodio del European Poker Tour y la mesa final carecen de comentarios en español, pero puedes ver el […]

Aug 10
Michael Mizrachi the Ambassador

The man known as The Grinder – Michael Mizrachi – currently sits at number seven in the all-time money list for live tournament professionals, with an impressive haul of $14,074,765. Not bad for a man everyone said was broke, just a few short years ago. A devoted husband, father and multiple World Series of Poker […]