How Has Poker Benefitted from Moving Online?

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Poker was once a game that people played when they vacationed in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Today, it’s more than a hobby for the 60 million players in the US alone. Around the world, the figure is projected to be bigger with 100 million people enjoying the different editions.  

Although poker has always been popular, it has experienced a renaissance ever since the emergence of online poker a decade or so ago. In the last ten years, the number of online players has skyrocketed, causing the game to boost its reputation further. So, why is the internet part of the reason for its renewed acclaim?  

The Internet Welcomes all Versions  

The internet has limitless space. As long as a website has plenty of RAM, it can host an eclectic mix of games. Concerning poker, this means that classic table games like Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud are available within most libraries since they are popular due to their intensity and the skills required to be successful. Alternatively, newer editions such as Omaha and Deuce-to-Seven Triple Draw are typically found online, too.  

Thanks to the extra exposure – some poker formats were unknown before the introduction of the internet – poker can appeal to pretty much every user that signs up for an online account. With more people engaged and entertained by the game, it makes sense that 100 million players regularly participate.  

More Bonuses & Promotions  

In some quarters, the number of people playing poker over the last 12 to 18 months has risen by 22%. As the market grows, the sector becomes wealthier and better at offering the added value customers crave. Online casinos and betting companies already use free bets and cashback to great effect by allowing people to spend the brand’s money rather than their own.  

The strategy has taken over because operators can’t afford to be behind the curve. For poker providers, this means improving their eligible offers to new and loyal customers. With the industry’s revenues increasing, the operators can afford to up their bonuses to stand out from the crowd and boost online traffic.  

Seeing as freebies are essential to consumers, especially gamers who are used to them, it’s not a coincidence that more lucrative bonuses are helping to enhance the standing of poker. 

Cards on a poker game

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Celebrity Exposure  

The power of celebrities has been getting stronger since the introduction of social media channels. Instagram, in particular, is behind the rise of influencers. Currently, 63% of Americans check their accounts daily.  

Poker has benefitted from this thanks to the number of celebrities and professionals who have shown the game in a new light. To amateurs who can access poker very easily, the idea of turning a passion into a profession is too much to turn down.  

The offline section of poker continues to play a significant role in the game’s popularity. However, the internet’s impact shouldn’t be underestimated. 


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