A Look At The Most Interesting Last WSOP

Last year’s World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament series was a smashing success. Omitting the event that saw two of the same cards dealt on the flop and a false active shooter report that led to chaos, the 2022 WSOP confirmed that poker is alive and well around the world.

Last year’s edition of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) was an unqualified triumph that highlighted poker’s immense appeal across different cultures and regions. With preparations underway for this year’s event scheduled for Las Vegas, players are eager to discern ways to amplify their odds of succeeding at WSOP! 

Attracting investors through action sales has become increasingly prevalent among participants since it helps them reduce exposure while simultaneously providing sponsors with chances to earn from any jackpot they clinch. Here are the five best places to sell action for the WSOP, if you’re interested to join in:

Online Poker Forums

To invest in online poker, players can readily find willing partners through dedicated sections of well-known and highly active forums such as TwoPlusTwo and PocketFives. These platforms provide ample opportunities for investors to connect with potential buyers or sellers.

Social Media Platforms

As people utilize social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it’s a smart move to utilize them in expanding both network reach and investment prospects. Share highlights of past successes within poker on these channels, along with news regarding planned involvement at the upcoming WSOP tournament. Be sure to include specific details regarding available investment opportunities for those interested.

WSOP 2022 Highlights

1. Main Event Winner

The recent WSOP Main Event saw Norwegian player Espen Jorstad achieve an impressive victory over Australian Adrian Attenborough. Having already claimed a WSOP bracelet for winning a $1,000 Tag Team with Patrick Leonard earlier in the series, Jorstad has added another to his collection with this triumph. 

He joins a select group of European winners of the WSOP Main Event, including Koray Aldemir (2021), Hossein Ensan (2019), Martin Jacobson (2014), Pius Heinz (2011), Peter Eastgate (2008), Carlos Mortensen(2001) and Noel Furlong(1999).

2. Player of The Year

Dan Zack’s passion for poker has driven him toward achieving some incredible feats within this captivating game. Following several attempts in previous years, he finally received recognition as WSOP Player of The Year for his accomplishments.  

In addition to receiving this prestigious accolade, Dan also clinched another monumental achievement by winning not one but two bracelets since first claiming one back in 2019, specifically those awarded at both Omaha Hi-Lo Championship and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Championship. 

These two wins were augmented by his success at two final tables, together with 16 prizes claimed throughout the entirety of the tournament culminating in Dan’s triumphant victory over Daniel Weinman.

3. Tournament of Champions

As the 2022 WSOP series ended, all eyes were on the final event offering players an impressive opportunity to compete for a $1 million freeroll prize pool. The selection criteria for eligibility extended to all previous winners of either WSOP bracelets or WSOP-C rings, totaling up to approximately 575 possible contenders.

This edition showcased top rankings with winners such as Zack alongside Aleksejs Ponakovs, Maxx Coleman, Daniel Strelitz, and Dan Smith, who managed to collect one final prize from their performances.

The latter stages were screened live on PokerGo, contributing towards intense viewer interest, with Benjamin Kaupp taking away this year’s trophy along with an enormous cash reward summing up to $250k reserved exclusively for the winner. 

What’s Next For WSOP

Given poker’s popularity worldwide, many fans are looking forward to the upcoming World Series of Poker, which will be held in Las Vegas in 2023.  With so much riding on player participation for this year’s tournament, it wouldn’t be surprising if it topped prior record-holding prize pools!


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