Tips for Choosing an Online Poker Game


Choosing the right poker game can be scary for new players. New variations keep cropping up and the rules aren’t always easy to understand. Playing poker online makes the research process easier, though.

You can play up to ten poker games within a couple of hours. And you don’t have to create accounts at multiple websites. One poker website is often enough. Below are seven tips to help you discover the best poker game for you.

 #1: Know Different Poker Games

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game online. But it’s not the only one. Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw and HORSE are pretty popular too. Pineapple, Chinese and Caribbean poker aren’t available at every casino. But they are worth checking out as well.

Knowing different types of poker can help you discover the best game for you. Think about it. The best Texas Hold’em players don’t always succeed in HORSE and Razz. That means there are people better suited to play these variants over Texas Hold’em.

Understanding the rules of different poker games take time. Don’t rush it. Learn how to play Texas Hold’em for a day. Then shift your focus to Omaha. After that, learn the rules of 7-Card Stud and all the other variations we mentioned above.

 Afterwards, you’ll have a good feel of the poker game you like the most. That’s the game you should work on perfecting henceforth.

#2: Ensure Poker is Legal in your State

Before you play poker for real money, ensure it’s legal in your state. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia allow all types of casinos games, including poker. That means it’s pretty easy to find a good poker game in one of these jurisdictions.

In some states, poker is legal at land-based casinos. But you can’t play it online, at least not for real money. In Ohio for example, land-based casinos are allowed. DFS and horse race betting are also allowed. But online gambling is prohibited.

In other states, say Nevada and California, online poker is allowed. However, you can’t access slots and other card games. Still, to be clear, there are states where gambling is generally prohibited. Hawaii and Utah are great examples.

In many states, you must pay taxes on your profits. The amount varies from 3% to 10% for state taxes and a uniform 24% for federal tax. By comparison, casino players in the UK and Canada do not pay taxes on their winnings.

#3: Practice Poker on Free Apps

Playing poker doesn’t have to involve money. Install a free to play poker app and play Texas Hold’em until you start to win consistently. It will build your confidence. And more importantly, it will help you avoid common mistakes.

There’s a poker app for nearly every variation of the game. Many of them feature a few types of poker so that you could play Texas Hold’em, Omaha and 5-Card Draw on the same app. The apps operate like real money casinos, giving you chips to build an empire by winning league tournaments.

Take Note: Free to play apps might not help you win money. But they could ask for cash in exchange for free chips. Avoid paying for free chips by playing small bets or completing simple tasks for free betting coins.

#4: Look for Bonuses

Bonuses help keep your bankroll untouched. In contrast, they can help increase your profits, meaning they’re an absolute necessity. With that in mind, you want a casino that gives you the best bonuses available.

Many casinos are open to giving you a bonus after you create an account. They just differ on the terms and conditions of their incentives. Unfortunately, the bonus policies are vital in determining its value.

So, look beyond bonus amounts. Read the terms and conditions to determine the value you get at different casinos. For example, check the maximum amount you can withdraw. Also, check the betting limits you must follow and wagering requirements involved.

Wagering requirements describe the amount you must spend at a casino to turn your bonus winnings into cash. It’s essential to ensure these terms aren’t too much to limit the cash you must spend.

#5: Improve your Skills through Strategies

Learning how to play Texas Hold’em or Omaha is easy part. Perfecting your skills take months or years of hard work. Strategies can shorten your learning curve and increase your win percentage.

As such, learn a few poker strategies along the way. For example, it’s better to play fewer hands aggressively than to play many hands conservatively. This strategy helps you save money but also increases your profits when you have great hands.

While at it, use strategies consistently. Of course, ensure your strategies work even if it means using them on free to play poker games. Then use them on your money table repeatedly. You’ll maintain your profitability and reduce your losses—the main goal of every successful poker player.

#6: Follow the Pros

Before 2000, 7-Card Stud was the most popular type of poker. Texas Hold’em has since taken the top spot. So, why do people like it so much, professionals included? It gives you an opportunity to gauge your opponents and beat them consistently.

For the uninitiated, Texas Hold’em can be played around a table of up to nine people. Each player gets two cards in the first round. People with good hands will often call their bets or increase their blinds.

In the next round, everyone receives one extra card. By then, someone people will have a two of a kind, three of a kind or cards that could lead to a better hand. As a result, you can know who has the best cards based on the moves they make.

The next round ensures everyone has four cards. At this stage, players with weak hands will fold or increase their bets by small amounts. If you have a better hand, you can increase your blinds constantly until your opponents fold—allowing you to win.


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