Category: Bankroll Update

Apr 20
An American Update

So word is out they will let us cash out (DOJ) per a release by the dept of justice. Concerns are they will now tax us on any funds received, 2nd theres concerns that the checks being issued may not be excepted by any US Bank as they are from an ill gotten source. I […]

Apr 13
Quality or Quantity

So just starting mass tabling sit and go’s and it seems I am breaking even and making nominal amts of money by 8-10 tabling. I was making way more when I was playing less tables, wondering if this is a variance thing.My thoughts here are to maintain max of 6 tables while playing and see […]

Apr 09
Saturday Sit and Go Challenge- 1 Day Only

My goal today is to play atleast 40 sit and go’s. I will play the 5.50’s. The purpose of this little daily challenge is to 1) see if I can even get 40 played as this is the number I want to shoot for on a daily basis as its the number that will get […]

Apr 08
Hey, I’m back

Glad to be back and blogging, gots lot to talk about. I ended this blog almost 16 months ago due to work, well I am losing my job again and hope to be playing full time and blog all about it. Look forward to sharing with you all. Cya

Jun 17
Consiguiendo un Bankroll de Poker en México

Cuando los jugadores de póquer hablan de su bankroll, se refieren a la cantidad de dinero que tienen – de una manera u otra – disponible como su capital para jugar poker, la cantidad de dinero que son capaces de apostar en la mesa de poker en cualquier momento . Hay diferentes opiniones sobre esto, […]

Oct 15
SSSHHH I have a Mistress….Her name is

Variance. She has been with me for many years now. She can be extremely wishy washy, and very scary at times. I usually find her in one of 3 moods. When she is happy, loving, and caring…she smiles upon me and I tend to be a winner at the tables. Then there are those times […]

Oct 13
An Agressive Bankroll Management Growth System

Say I am crazy……maybe? So this is an experiment that I will blog every day about. So after much thought and reading a bunch of material on Double or Nothings I came up with an idea. This, after my failure to move up in levels. If you can improve, or refute my system please do. […]

Oct 12
Moving Up in Levels then Back Down Again

Damnit, never fails, every single time I move up in levels whether it be cash games or sit and go’s I get burned. I was pretty smart yesterday and in playing both the tens and fives. check this out. I won 76% ITM for over $46.00 profit in the fives, and lost $56.00 playing the […]

Oct 10
Playing AK In The Early Stages Of A Sit And Go

So I got over 500 sit and go’s in about 2 weeks and doing pretty well. I get alittle frustrated playing AK early on in the tourney. Sometimes it seems like a waste of money. You raise preflop, miss and cbet and get called. This can be eating into around 30% of your chips. So […]

Oct 07
Help….Bankroll Management system for Sit N Go’s

Okay, I currently excell at the following $5 sit and go’s. 162 games of $5. 18 man tournies is +$117.00 55 games of $5.00 27 man tournies is +$77.50 so I started to gradually play the 10.00 games and this is what I have. 69 games of $10.00 18 man tournies is +$123.00 (notice no […]