Poker League Scoring Enhancements

As per our first announcement there are a number of new scoring options for poker league owners to choose from. Here are a few screenshots to demonstrate what is possible.

New Scoring Options for League Ranking

You can now rank your league season by Points, Average Points, Profit, Average Profit or by Games Played. You can set the scoring method at Season level so that each season you could decide to change it and not affect past results.

Poker League Season Scoring Options

Here are some example leagues:

  • Sucide King Poker League (2008 Season) – Ranked by Average Points
  • Fantasy Poker League (2008 Season) – Ranked by Profit (ie. winnings)
  • Fantasy Poker League (2007 Season) – Ranked by Games Played (also demonstrates how ties are handled)
  • Sydney Home Poker League (2008 Season) – Ranked by Average Profit

Customize League Scoreboards

You can now select the columns that you wish to show on your poker league scoreboard. For example, if you do not play with money then you may just want to show points. It’s up to you! Have a look at the example above to see the customize layouts.

Customize your Scoreboard Column Layout

Minimum Game Filter and Scoring Blurb

Whenever you use Average Points or Average Profit on your poker league someone will come in and win one game and never play again so that their average is ridiculously high. To get around this there is a new optional setting that allows you to specify how many poker games your league players must play in before they will be ranked. You can also change this on the league scoreboard when viewing it (click on the filter(it looks like this Poker League Scoreboard Minimum Games Filter Example) on the top right of the scoreboard). Try it on one of the top example leagues.

Minimum Game Filter and Scoring Blurb

There is also now a seperate section for entering your scoring method for each season. This is shown on the league scoreboard page and at season level. It’s free-text so enter whatever you like to help your league members understand your ranking system.

We hope you like the scoring enhancements. Most of these were feature requests from league owners on PokerDIY – please let us know if you have any suggestions!

Have a look at our Poker League Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) if you are still confused…


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