PokerDIY Poker League Update – New Scoring Options

We have just released a new version of the PokerDIY Poker League core software. There are a number of major enhancements and a couple of small new features. If you manage your poker league on PokerDIY or know someone who does then read on!

Major Enhancements

  • New Scoring Options – Rank your league on Points, Ave Points, Profit, Ave Profit or Games Played – example league (more on this in an upcoming blog post!)
  • Customize the layout and columns of your league scoreboard
  • Abiltiy to handle ties on the league scoreboard
  • Ability to import players from the Tournament Director/SimpleTourneyManager that do not exist in your poker league already

Minor Enhancements

  • When you add a non-PokerDIY member to your league they are automatically added as your friend
  • Decimal places in point scoring now accurate to 6 places (instead of 2)

Bug Fixes

  • Importing from Tournament Director/STM now formats points in league culture correctly
  • Importing tourney results into your league no longer leaves the file for everyone to see.

Feel free to start your own poker league (set it to private or call it “Test Poker League” – we don’t mind!) and have a play with the new features. You’d be amazed at how easy PokerDIY can make your poker league management.

If you run a league and have an idea for a feature or something does not work the way you would like it then suggest a Feature Request. The majority of the changes above were asked for by real league owners like yourself.

The next big release (within the next 2 months) will allow you to grab your poker league as a poker league widget and put it on your own site or on Facebook/MySpace etc. Leave the poker league management to us and you concentrate on playing poker…

Ps. Have you seen the new PokerDIY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section? Have a read if you are a little confused about what we do and how we can help you.


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