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Aug 09
Are Women in Poker Underestimated?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: well, there is a lot of things to say. Compared to their male counterparts, they definitely are. Physically, they’re usually smaller and they’re usually better looking on the eyes (sorry guys!) Overall women in professional poker struggle with being under-estimated, but it might not be such a bad thing. Usually […]

Jun 17
Arkansas State Poker Leagues Online

We start have Arkansas State Poker Leagues online ( ASPL ONLINE ) for Points and Freeroll Leagues We are not allowed play real money. So if you live in Arkansas please come and join ASPL Online !! Hope to see you soon !! If you need more question please message me ASAP !

Nov 19
Geeks On Poker Radio Show. sponsors the “Geeks On Poker” radio show and podcast. We play poker, talk trash, politics, women and sports every Sunday from 8p-10p EDT. We host a $100 Free roll every show as well. WWW.POKERKY.COM

Jun 14
Woman’s Premiere Poker League

LADIES POKER LEAUGE Love Poker? Looking for players in the Bristol County / Southern New England area to join our Woman’s Poker League. Already play in a home game? Want to meet new people? Or just need a fun night out?Well these are just some of the reasons to consider joining our league.I would like […]

Jan 13
Sofia wins the Sydney Home Poker League 2009

And so ends another poker season at the Sydney Home Poker League in Manly… Sofia was unstoppable as league leader the whole second season (we broke the season up into a first half and a 2nd half) with new player Johnny Utah coming in second. Sandy Beaches came third but don’t feel sorry for him […]

Jul 16
Home Poker Games Scores and Personal Player Stats

The poker player scores and statistics view has been enhanced quite a bit in the last couple of months. Lets have a look at this poker player’s profile stats to see the new improvements (it’s the live stats our own Sydney Poker League). On the top left we have a summary of this players current […]

Jul 01
Last seasons results, the new season scoring method and the Jackpot

Congrats to Olly for winning the first poker season of 2009(Jan -> June)! Jason came 2nd and Jeff managed to hold Davy off for 3rd place. The new poker season started yesterday (July -> December) with a strong start from Jeff, Rod and Olly. Lee seems to have lost his mojo, maybe it goes with […]

Jun 29

I always find it frustrating to miss the Championship Tournament due to games missed. If it were up to me I’d make it to every one. This season I missed 4 weeks out of (I think) 19. That’s more than 20%. That’s a big handicap to overcome. Well after making my return after a couple […]

Jun 09
Improved poker league scoreboard updating

Those of you who manage your poker leagues on PokerDIY will know that in the past updating your poker league game results was a bit of a pain. If you were not using Dr Neau, STP or The Tournament Director to import your results, you’d have to enter them manually through the web or iphone. One […]

May 09
League in Hudson Valley starting up….

I am looking to start a poker club around the Hudson Valley area. Some low buy in tournaments with many players .Im also looking to start a weekly league where we send one person or more to events such as the wsop or wpt or even heartland tours.we would need a bar or restaurant or […]