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PokerDIY Poker League Update

New scoring options, customized layouts and more import options…

October 12, 2008

Poker League Scoring Enhancements

Hi League Owner,

You have a poker league on PokerDIY and we wanted to let you know that we’ve made some cool new changes!

Your league/seasons can now be ranked by Points/Average Points/Profit/Average Profit or by Games Played. Here’s an example.

You can now also customize the layout of your scoreboard (see right).

A bit lost? Have a read of our FAQs…

Poker League Scoreboard Layout

Tournament Director Import

Do you export your results from TD? Previously if you had 30 players in Tournament Director and you wanted to import them to PokerDIY you’d have to set them up first. Well not anymore! We’ve added more options to the import matching screen! Try it now…

Quick Stats

  • 564 Poker Leagues
  • 10220 Poker Players
  • 513 Events/Games
  • 530 Poker Groups
  • $4600 Freeroll Prizes

Minimum Game Filter

Tired of someone playing one game and not playing again? Use the new filter (top right of scoreboard – Minimum Game Filter ) to only rank players who have played a certain amount of games! Example.

Suggest a Feature

Something missing from your poker league? Got an idea for a cool new feature? Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Stay tuned for…

PokerDIY League Manager – A free program for your PC, PocketPC or Smartphone to quickly track live poker games and publish the results to your poker league. And of course, more poker league enhancements and more widgets for your own site, blog or Facebook profile!


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