Now League Deputies can update your poker league scoreboard too!

A feature request came through recently from Ryan T who runs his poker league on PokerDIY. He wanted some other league members to be able to update their poker league scoreboard and manage their league.

Imagine in the League Owner goes away on holiday or doesn’t play that day – someone else might need to upload the poker scores!

Fair enough. A fairly common-sense requirement and one that was only missing due to lack of time and the other 101 common-sense requirements that were more important 😉

But it was time to get this in so here it is: you now have the ability to promote your poker league members to League Deputy Admins who can do just about everything the League Owner can do!

Start your own poker league now if you don’t have one to see it in action (we don’t mind if you set up test leagues!) or check out the screenshots below (taken from the live Sydney Poker League)…

 League Deputy Notification

Poker League Scoreboard Admins

League Deputies can do everything the League Owner can do, EXCEPT:

  1. Delete the poker league
  2. Delete other League Deputies
  3. Promote normal poker league members to League Deputies.

They can do everything else, from importing poker games from The Tournament Director to editing the league info to updating your home poker league scoreboard. So think carefully when you promote your members and make sure they are trust-worthy!

BTW: Did you know that you can submit you requests and feedback and then track when we comment or implement it? We take requests like this seriously and really appreciate all feedback, especially from our league directors, the ones actually using PokerDIY to run their leagues!

So… if you have an idea or want something improved on PokerDIY, raise a feature request now…



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