Up and down but up overall :D

Hey there.

I haven’t been able to play poker as much as I wanted to since last post.
I just moved to my new appartement and was pretty much busy. Plus I didn’t have internet for a couple of days which does’nt help!

But since my last update I’ve been able to play something like 5k hands at 10NL.
I had some nice heater and got the BR up to 400$. But then I had a monkey tilt session. I lost 3 AI in 37 hands which were all favorite to me, and I tilted another BI after that.

I stopped the session after 100 hands because I wasn’t playing very well. So anyway, my last session was awesome, played alot of hands, and played them good!

BR is now standing at 410$. At 10NL I’m running at 7,5 BB/100 hands over 8k hands. Gotta still grind alot 10NL to get rolled for 25NL and to get silverstar status for september.
Still need 500 VPP for silverstar, but i gotta alot of freetime in the coming days so I’ll play alot!

I’ll probly post next blog sunday!


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