Short Stacking JJ ( A Dream) AQ (meh)

These are pretty interesting stats, and probably cause they are played completely different in my style of play. Over 154,000 hands JJ hands is a super big winner compared to AQ. That may be cause of the way its played. First of all AQ is folded preflop to any raise in front of me. It is also folded If I raise preflop and get 3 bet. I only play AQ in MP, and LP and will Cbet only if I am heads up, (this is changing to to 2 players now). Amazing AQo was re’cd 1429 times for a profit of 124.00 which is only a winner 42% of the time. AQs was re’cd 474 times for profit 106.00 and won 51% of the time.

Now for JJ, a clear superstar. I play obviously JJ in any position for a raise 100% of the time. If raised in front of me I shove my Stack, and if I get 3bet I shove over the top ( usually against mid pair or AK). It was re’cd 681 times for a profit of 502.00 and won a nice 80% of the time, can you believe it 80% of the time…..WOW….Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy and this information, and it helps you out. cya

regarding a comment previously on blog is that AA, KK, AK, is an obvious shove is I am 3 bet, and 99, TT, is played exactly as AQ above.


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