Last 20 Home Poker Games on League + Report

Someone requested that the last x home poker games are shown on the league scoreboard page so that you have a quick way of seeing the last couple of games your league has played (useful for double-checking those scores too!)

This made sense so this enhancement went live today. There is a new tab on the League page showing the last 20 home poker games (regardless of which season they were played in). It also lists the date played, winner and number of players in the game.

The view is alson on the iphone/mobile version and the poker league scoreboard report (automatic and manual) now lists the last 3 poker games for your league as well as the winner.

You can also click on a Poker Season withing a League to see ALL the poker games played for that season with more info. This is just a quick link to the last few games.

Thanks for the suggestion – what else would be useful for your league?

Last 20 home poker games for a poker league


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