Best x Results (Top Scores) scoring for a Season

You may have noticed a new Season scoring option today – you can now score your leaderboard on the Best x Results.

The poker league management websites comparison chart  has been updated. Thanks to Wick for the feature request – please let us know what else you want for your scoreboards!

You can change this scoring setting at season level so why not try it for your next season? (obviously if you turn it on halfway through a season the scoreboard would change drastically 😉

How it works: Lets say you set it to the best 10 results over the season.

Harry plays 12 games and his best 8 are used. Mary plays 5 and all 5 of hers are used. Mark plays 9 and 8 of those 9 are used to work out their best scores for the leaderboard.

Let us know if you have any particualr scoring needs for your home poker league that we don’t cater for yet!

Top x Scores on a leaderboard for season


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