Man I’m Loving Razz!!

I swear Razz is the most beatable game being played right now. After playing micro-limits for a few months I finally decided to step it up a bit. I started playing $3/6 about a week ago and the players are almost just as bad as they are at $.25/.50. It was the terrible play at $.25/.50 that inspired me to move up, and bankroll isn’t an issue so I moved up several levels to $3/6.

At both Pokerstars and Full Tilt I’ve been doing well, and finding situations where opponents can’t possibly have the winning hand, yet they’re raising me on 7th st.! How is it possible that people can be this bad at the game?

While the $.25/.50 games usually have 4-5 real bad players, and although there are fewer bad players at $3/6 I’m still finding at least 2 or 3 suckers at every table. Here’s an example hand from a couple days ago:

Me: A3 5648 K

Opponent: XX 79QJ X

With my A3 down, of course I raised before 3rd, then bet 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. On 7th I bet, he raised, I reraised, he capped it!? The best this guy can have is 9732A when obviously I was at worst holding 87654, and likely better. This is at $3/6! Wouldn’t you think donkeys like this would be playing micro-stakes?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining…I’m just scratching my head. Were we this bad at hold’em in 2003 when we first started playing? Were we playing $3/6? No wonder the pros got rich.

I know that part of the reason so many players at the Razz tables are so bad is because they’re coming from HORSE, trying to learn Razz. They come to the Razz tables with little experience at the game, then leave once they have a grasp on it. This means that there’s a steady stream of bad Razz poker players. This is great and it’s the reason I keep playing this game.

Hey, I noticed there’s a reload Pokerstars bonus right now for a free ticket to the Win a Posrche promo. It’s a freeroll tournament with a Cayman S up for grabs, kinda cool. Ok, I’m out.


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