Hey everyone!

The last couple of days has been really good for me pokerwise! I didn’t manage to play as many hands as i wanted. I was pretty much busy with my work and my band. But still, I played something like 7k hands since last update!

First, I have to say that I didn’t follow my Bankroll management carefully =/.
But don’t worry here is the detail: I learned that Pokerstar was having a deposit promotion of 50% up to 300$. I didn’t really want to deposit more, but i thought to myself “I know I’m a winning player at these stakes and I can’t wait to move up to 5NL where I know I am a winning player there also” So I deposited only 50$ to get a 25$ bonus, and am currently playing 5NL.

My bankroll was at ~99$ so it went up to 150$. I had somme terrible coolers at first and went down to 135$. But I manage to still play my A-game and now I’m standing at 182$ having played 4,8k hands at 5NL at 6,78 bb/100 hands.

I really plan to be playing about ~30k hands at this limit before moving up to 10NL to be properly rolled. From my past experience 10NL has some different plays from 2NL and 5NL, and I really want to be rolled to adjust my game to the play over there. Until then, I’ve got 25k hands to play! I might play alot tomorrow since I don’t work!

See ya!


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