I have been seeing a ton of min raisers preflop. Position and hole cards dont seem to matter to these bozos….UTG, UTG+1 min raises with KJ, Ace suited and small pairs. The thing that really irks me the most (though it shouldnt) is that after they min raise and I shove over the top with my big hands they always seem to call, well not always. It doesnt make sense to me to min raise then call a shove, why not shove first or atleast do a normal 3-4 BB raise?

So I mentioned at the table that I dont understand the reasoning behind their moves. Someone spoke up, not the min raiser and said they thought my shove was a fish move (PLEASE)…He then went on to say that Daniel Negreanu min raises all the time. I about hit the ceiling, excuse me, you’re gonna tell me that the players at the 25NL are as good as Negreanu, and to emulate his play. Give me a break.

I guess I need to continue and embrace this donkish play and be grateful its paying my bills, cya


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