Free Bankroll $2500, Newest Poker Promotion

Are you look for poker free bankroll? Then enter Everest Poker’s $2,500 Bankroll Builder Freeroll! This promotion is perfect for beginners who are just starting out and want to build their bankroll fast.

At Everest Poker, we realize that all champions start small. Before you enter your first high buy-in tournament, get the practice and the bankroll you need at the same time!

How Do I Enter?

Qualify for the $2,500 finale each week by choosing from either of the two daily qualifiers below or by entering the finale directly.

0+0 SP Daily: The satellite is free to enter, with the buy-in being 0+0 SP. The top 50 players from each daily satellite will move on to the finale.

0+50 SP Daily: Open to all players, these satellites have a buy-in of 0+50 SP and are offered in three additional variations of play. The top 25 players from each daily satellite will move on to the finale.

Speed: Players have a 15 second decision timer for each turn.
Turbo: Unlike the typical 10 minute blind schedule, turbo tournaments raise the blinds and antes every 4 minutes.
Six Seat Table: Instead of usual 10 seats, these tables are limited to 6, allowing for faster game play.
Finale Direct Buy-in: If you want to skip qualifying in a satellite and want to go straight to the finale, you can buy in directly for 1,000 SP.

Please note that registration for satellites will only be open two hours before they start.



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