If the donkey fish keep playing like this I will make a lot of money.

Session 1,2 is 1869 hands -4.00
session 3,4 is 1368 hands +69.00
See below what happened in sesh 5.

Session five is Donkey/fish heaven. Keep calling my shoves like this, please. I will win in the long run. I shove the following hands on the flop/preflop

A6 vs 33, ace flops I lose to river straight
JJ vs KQ=lose
AK vs AJ=lose
AK vs A4, King flops I lose to river straight
KK vs 53s, lose to rivered flush
Q9 vs QT
44 vs 33
AJ vs QJ

So when do u decide to quit a session, I think after those hands above is a good time. I still came out ahead for the day for 4,629 hands for a profit of 28.00, cya


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