Firstly, I would like to state the baseball betting is going really fine. The WNBA bets have started out positive. Poker……Well……Okay, so I am back at 25 NL, grinding 3,000 hands a day and winning. Thats right WINNING….The loosing streak is finally over. Since I am Platinum, I can cash right now for a bonus of 285.00 or wait 80,000 hands and go for the 650.00, Lets take the money and run.

Its really amazing the calls I am getting at this 25NL, I am in position, preflop open raise, get called. I shove the flop with my AK, or AQ, and continously get called with nothing but Ace high (Jack that is). Then there is the fish who cant lay down his bottom Pocket Pair, regardless of all the over cards on the board. Quite yummy, I might say. cya


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