I think this strategy is gonna make me money. Here is an update. I started my quest for $5,000.00 over 200,000 hands over 60 days beginning the first week of July (7/4) and unfortunately after moving up levels from 25NL to 50NL I hit a brick wall. It was an emotional defeat to say the least. I have bounced back and continue now at 25NL.

I have played 60,100 hands for a measely profit of 369.00, thats 26 at 50NL (LOL) and 344 at 25NL with total hands played being pretty equal.

I know I wont be hitting my goals at all, but I am continuing on. Alittle change in plans may be to stay at 25NL, see how much I can make there (currently running over 30,000 hands at 4.69BB/100 which aint shabby at all). I am thinking of shooting for 40 hours a week and maybe hitting Supernova in a few months. I recently took my bonus of $285 (not incl in totals above), and may be eligible for another in less than 60 days. Wish me luck!


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