If you can believe it, I havent played a single hand of poker today (OMG), its already 1pm! I have been busy trying to put together a sportsbook betting bankroll management style. I have many baseball bets to make today, along with WNBA starting tomorrow. The WNBA will have to be bet online, while the baseball is via the local casino here in vegas.

So I ve decided to use 3.5% of BR per bet, and double up to make the difference on the 2nd bet if applicable (lost first bet) So far I am 10 and 5 for the first bet, and 5 and 0 for the 2nd bets. Can be categorized as 10 for 10.

Two weeks of poker have cumulated into 7/7-7/19 over 46,000 hands, avg $4.85 an hour and currently in a nice freefall descent downswing. Omaha didnt save me this time. I am still up over this period, but not as much as I was at 31,000 (my peak) and 200,000 hands still seem probable, but the $5,000 sure dont. cya


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