Push/Fold Short Stack Strategy…..Questionable

Guys, I think I am gonna change it up abit. First of all I have a Weekly report on my 200k/$5,000 quest to complete tonite or by tomorrow to discuss with the NL poker discussion group on Monday nite. I will post stats once its done for you all see.

To be honest, I just went from the bottom to the top, then heading back down again. EMOTIONS. I have been here before and I am not gonna let it happen again.

Okay that being said, I have decided to stop the push/fold strategy to Open Raise strategy. One thing that remains constant is my ability to have 75%-86% steal blinds success rate. This is huge and must stay in my game to help aleve the nittiness style.

Stealing with an open raise with any Ace or pair from the Cutoff, and Button (FR only) is more profitable than shoving those cards. I now Open Raise for 6-7BB when ever I enter a pot.
Now shoving the flop is whole nother story (instead of shoving those cards preflop) I discovered that over 30,000 hands at open shove preflop made me extremeley noticeable and many, many comments were made in the chat box from me not knowing how to play to I will wait for AA, KK to play you.

I have devised a starting hand chart (by Position) and will be Open Raising like I said and Cbet shove alot. Pretty much I will be playing the top ten hands, plus any pair/ace from the cutoff/button.

I should tell that when there is an open raise in front of me, I am folding everything, and I mean everything…. except AA-KK, AK.

My biggest dilemna is how to play my AK with a raise in front of me….smooth call to see if I hit, or 3 bet-shove. This has been a problem for me lately and wonder if any one out there has some feed back for me on this. Remember this is a Short Stacking Strategy.

I open raise any position AA-JJ, AK. I will open raise from the Hijack, cutoff, and button with AQ-AJ (they are a fold to a raise in front of me, remember).

There you have it. I will try to get in 10,000 hands in less than 4 days to see if I can stick to this chart and see if it really works. I certainly should not be loosing much money at all with this strategy, and get me back on track to a winning style of play.


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