The best way to find local home poker games, tournaments and players

You could be new to the area, looking for some live poker action, or a couple of your regular poker league players might have moved on and chairs need filling. Perhaps you have a charity poker tourney coming up and you need players.

Find local poker games on the map near youEither way, PokerDIY can help with our new Poker Games section. In a nutshell – it’s a free (like the rest of PokerDIY!) service to help find local poker games, poker leagues, poker players and poker groups in your area.

You can either post a free poker ad (looking for games or players), or you can simply zoom in on the local poker game map and look for people or games in your area. You can then contact them (via Private Message or by writing on their profile wall – your email is never shown on PokerDIY!) and find out more about their tourney.

There are a couple of ways of finding what you want – you can Find by Map or you can Find by Location, which means you drill down via Country/Region/City to find players, games etc. near you.

In addition to posting a poker ad in the Poker Games section, here are some other FREE ways to advertise your home poker game or find some new players:

  1. Announce your home poker game on our “Find a Poker Game  Forum”
  2. Schedule a poker event for your tourney and invite similar poker groups or players from the same area.
  3. Post a Poker Blog post describing your poker league or home tourney and what you are looking for.
  4. Start a poker group for your town or area. You can then invite this group to your next tourney with a poker event.
  5. Start a local poker league – this will show up on the Games map and people near you will contact you and ask to join.
  6. ALL of the above (and your money back if you don’t find a poker game or players!)

Thousands of poker players around the world use PokerDIY to manage their home poker games – why don’t you? Find a local poker game near you now…


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