Quest to Winning Poker (Part 5)

December Goals

Goals are very important in our lives. They give us a good parameter to measure our progress, and some believe they allow the subconscious minds to work to help us reach the goals. In any case, it also helps keep us accountable, so here are some of my goals for December.

  1. Earn $100 profit.
  2. 100% adherence to bankroll management rules.
  3. Analyze at least 3 hands from each tournament.
  4. Play all Real Money games with no distractions – e.g. kids, TV, etc.

I will be reporting each day on my progress with each of these goals. Basically, the last three goals are meant to support reaching the #1 goal which is to make some money. For some for frequent players, this amount is not much, but based on my past performance, it would be a great feat to reach this, as up to now, I have only lost money over any stretch of time over a week. May December usher in a new year of winning poker.


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