Poker league scoreboard reports now update Twitter

Do you have a Twitter account? (It’s all the rage these days!). If you are a poker league admin on PokerDIY you can now automatically update your Twitter status when you send a poker league scoreboard report.

The advantage of this is that your players can subscribe to that league account and be alerted on Twitter when the league leaderboard changes!

Here is a live example of how the status update will look. This is a personal player account on PokerDIY a home poker league in Sydney, Australia.

When you edit your poker league you can associate a Twitter account with your poker league (if you don’t have a twitter account, why not set up one now (it’s free). You can of course use your own personal Twitter account too.

There is now a new optional section on the Scoreboard Report screen where you can choose to send an update to Twitter:

Update Twitter with league scoreboard

Here’s how it looks on Twitter:

Twitter Poker League

Why not try it now? Go to your own league and click on “Scoreboard Report”!


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