Hi and thanks for stopping by. My name is Thomas and i’m from belgium.

This is the first time i’m blogging about my poker career but here it goes. i started playing poker about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back sinds then. Like most beginning poker players i opened up a player account at party poker and played some freerolls. Those wore horrible but after reading up on some tournament strategy i eventually started to make some money. After a couple of months a was making +-20 to 30$ on average playing no-limit Texas Holdem 0.10 + 0.25 games. (multi tabling up to 6 tables with 10 player tables). This game was and still is very easy to beat. If you play it with the tight/aggressive playing style in mind its a great game to play.

After that tings start to get tougher. Because playing the micro games was just like playing like a zombie id decided to play the 1/2$ games, and man that was a stupid move. Lost my hole bankroll in a couple of weeks. Offcource i tought i was to good of a player to follow any type of bankroll management so i finally had to make a deposit with my hard earned cash. And back to the 0.10/0.25$ games. After a while i got my bankroll back and set up a goal for myself.

Become a pro within the next year. This off course was hard to accomplish sinds i sucked at middle/high stake games but ruled the low stake games. It was time to seek out help. So i searched some sites , bought 30+ books and started learning. I have to admit that there are many great books out there but the best advice came from forums such as 2+2 and pocketfives. There are some great guys there and they have helped me to level up my game.

As of today I’m still not a pro because i still have a 9-5 job but thats mostly because I’m scared to stop working and depend on online poker completely. This will probably happen within the next 2 to 3 months as i’m making way to much right now with poker. Currently playing 1/2$ limit and 0.50/1$ no limit holdem

I just calculated the last 6 months and combined its 27498,26 dollars wish makes it 4583 $ per month but thats dollars so today that would make it 3227€ (stupid dollar). This offcource is great money as my normal job just pays me 1700€ but with poker you never know. If i have a losing streak i don’t think i could keep myself together and play my usual game.

I will make some videos for people who want to play 0.50$/1$ no limit games to pokertube.com and lekopoker.com (not youtube as thats just a way to be criticized by total strangers)

Hope you enjoined my post and i will try to post every couple of days.



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